Euro Disney

Euro Disney uses Nakisa’s Talent Visualization to build a dedicated talent pool to ensure continued business success well into the future.

Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council, a local government in the UK, uses Nakisa’s OrgManagement Series to quickly validate data, improve its accuracy and visualize aggregate workforce data for enhanced critical decision making.

City of Burnaby

City of Burnaby Council, a local government providing services to 200,000 citizens uses Nakisa OrgManagement Series to increase workforce visibility, improve quality of organizational data and enhance decision making capabilities.

Ivanhoe Cambridge

Property management corporation Ivanhoe Cambridge uses Nakisa OrgManagement Series to effectively manage workforce data globally, enhance communication and reduce the manual creation of organization charts.


Partner Success Stories

Israel Police

With 30,000 employees, the Israel Police uses Nakisa’s Org Management Series to enable the force to visualize their organizational structure for more effective resource allocation.

West Sussex County Council

West Sussex County Council, the authority that governs the English county of West Sussex, implemented Nakisa’s Organizational Visualization leading to a high level of visibility and a greater reporting of errors, ensuring high data qualit...

Compass Group

Compass Group, a leading provider of contract catering and support services, uses Nakisa’s Organizational Visualization to gain visibility of their employee and organizational structures and  export key reports in multiple formats.

Thames Water

Learn how Thames Water, a leading utility company in South-East England uses Nakisa's Talent Visualization and Succession Planning, to gain access to real-time talent information and  improve efficiency in career planning.

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