Simplify organizational design
and streamline transformation.


See what’s possible with Hanelly.

Hanelly is a single solution to unify HR data, view organizational structures, assess key HR analytics and plan organizational transformations. Facilitate smarter, faster, and better decisions with Hanelly to meet changing business needs.


Global HR Data at your fingertips.

Business leaders and HR professionals need a clear view of the current state of their organization outlining strengths and weaknesses. This visibility needs to simplify the complex structures and reporting lines to enable leaders to make the best possible decisions aligned with business strategy.

Use Hanelly to better leverage your HCM software investment.
  1. Audit the accuracy and quality of HR data
  2. View real-time data from multiple perspectives
  3. Integrate with HR system-of-record
  4. Foster collaboration and better connect employees


Accelerate business growth.

In today’s fast-changing business environment, organizations are either transforming or optimizing structures to innovate and remain competitive. From mergers to divestitures and workforce realignments, each initiative is driven by business strategy and needs to be tracked and measured to ensure alignment with corporate objectives.

Stay agile and reduce cost without risk.
  1. Access HR analytics in real-time
  2. Create scenarios to align talent with business strategies
  3. Model and share scenarios with key stakeholders
  4. Simplify and accelerate workforce re-alignments


Make more informed HR decisions.

The role of HR has evolved many times over in the last decade, from the initial talent management revolution to the more recent data-driven HR shift. This evolution has increased pressure from executives and stakeholders for HR to better measure the ROI and impact of their strategic programs. This means that today’s HR needs better visibility into their data to proactively drive their strategy, and more comprehensive reporting to measure their results.


Access prescriptive HR analytics for agile decision making.


Understand the impact of proposed organizational changes.


Set diversity and inclusion targets to encourage change and track progress.


Increase visibility for key stakeholders with comprehensive analytic reports.


Ready for more?

Needs and challenges are specific to you, so your demo should be too. Our team of product and HR experts are available to answer your questions and show you the ins and outs of Nakisa Hanelly.
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“We have decided to team-up with Nakisa’s HANELLY to facilitate the transformation of Coty. The highly visual and user-friendly interface will facilitate the work of HR and management allowing them to focus on designing the best organization for the future.”

- Philippe Manzanares, VP HRIS, Payroll, Reporting & Global HR Policies at COTY

"Our rapid growth required a solution to accelerate our transformation processes. Nakisa’s HANELLY™ gives us an accurate understanding of our current organization and the capacity to properly align workforce with strategy.”

- Elouise Brown, Sr. Director, HR Systems and Technology at Comcast Cable

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