Compete globally, work locally

Finance and HR departments are at the heart of your growth. Set them up for success with adaptable and scalable solutions that evolve with your business needs

Why you should join us?

We believe that happy and engaged teams are what allow us to meet the challenges of our global customers. That’s why at Nakisa, we support our employees in the following ways:

Continual Learning

Stimulating and Challenging Work

Supportive and Friendly Atmosphere

Growth and Opportunity

Downtown Location

Free Healthy Breakfast



3 Week min. Vacation


Group Matching RRSP

Unlimited Paid Sick days

Unity in Diversity

The best way to describe our culture is “unity in diversity”. Our learning and experience at Nakisa is enriched by having colleagues from different backgrounds, race, ethnicities, religions, nationalities, cultures, genders and orientations, and beliefs working towards a unified purpose.

Our Journey

Working together as good friends, we have truly discovered the power of Unity and team work. As such, we have been able to maintain our start up personality while competing with world class companies. Our positive and encouraging culture, makes our journey fun.

Our Evolution

Working in a fast-growing organization, we rise to meet the challenges of our global customers. This provides us the opportunity to develop skills, acquire knowledge, and grow continually.

Our success

Building a product that has a positive impact, working in a spirit of unity and friendship, practicing values such as humility and fairness, gives us a sense of accomplishment that goes beyond our daily work.


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Finance Suite


Nakisa HR suite

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