Streamline organizational change and align with KPIs.

The importance of organizational design.

Organizations don’t always grow consistently and structures lose efficiency over time. A company can have a clear mission, the right talent and effective leaders, but still not perform as expected. Poor organizational design results in confusion within

roles, lack of efficiency, unnecessary complexity and can result in loss of talent and an increase in cost.

What does Hanelly do?

Hanelly allows for the design of a better-aligned workforce that supports strategic business objectives, maintains lines of communication, and creates an environment that maintains and nurtures your best talent throughout the change process.

Solving business challenges with Hanelly

Visualize Global HR Data

Understand a global view of the business within a single system using advanced analytics and out-of-the-box dashboard.

Diversity and Inclusion

Understand and proactively manage your diversity and inclusion initiatives through understanding the current reality and planning.

Workforce Realignment

A huge undertaking with high ROI expectations. Stay informed during workforce realignment and track execution against strategy.

Reduction in Force

Maintain a clear picture of your organization to track resulting KPIs while planning a reduction in force.

Design and Model

Accelerate organizational transformation to meet business objectives with organizational design and modelling.

Stay Competitive

Continued analysis and organizational design during day-to-day business functions promotes efficiency and a competitive edge.

Sounds interesting…

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M&A, RIF and Reorg.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Reduction in Force (RIF), and any major Reorganization (reorg) activity are all critical to an organization’s growth strategy. It’s essential to have full visibility of the current organization, speed of integration, detailed and tested planning and overall understanding of the business KPIs. A lack of planning or understanding in any of these situations can lead to serious problems including misaligned KPIs, rising costs, and brain-drain; along with a very demotivated workforce. Get all these things right however, and the organizations future is strong.

Fine Tune Your M&A

Hanelly accelerates post-acquisition integration and mitigates talent risks by removing time consuming manual operations. This frees up HR to focus on implementing the optimally designed and approved integrated organization.
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Manage a Reduction in Force (RIF)

During a RIF, it’s important to have a clear view of your current organization, and the ability to quickly and efficiently design, share and execute on the RIF strategy. Fast and effective transition is key to getting your workforce back on track.
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Planning a Re-Org

Reorganization can be a challenge for everyone, but necessary for the business to grow. Use Hanelly’s side-by-side comparison and what-if scenarios to enable effective planning and deployment with minimum disruption and maximum impact.
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Start your org design journey today with Hanelly, starting from as little as $1000 per month.


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