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Understanding Reduction in Force (RIF).

Reduction in Force (RIF) is a common strategy companies choose to streamline business processes to achieve financial objectives. The inevitable consequence of a RIF is low employee morale, resulting from layoffs. A potential repercussion of this is that key employees may choose to leave.

That’s why it’s important to:

  1. Have access to accurate information for a clear picture of your organization
  2. Use that information when making key decisions that affect the outcome of your reorganization
  3. Implement business critical change quickly and effectively for minimal disruption


Retaining Your Top Talent

Quickly understanding key positions required within the organization going forward is difficult. Recognizing and retaining top talent to then fill those positions is just as hard.

Speed of Implementation

Without quick, considered and planned turnaround of RIF activity, staying financially secure through to project completion can be a concern.

Effective Restructuring

During a RIF, established methods and relationships for project execution can be made no longer relevant and establishing productive communication difficult.


Advanced Analytics

Quickly find, track and place the key people that are critical to success, and key for the important positions after the RIF is done through advanced analytics and secure communication.

Time Saved

Understand organizational metrics, tracked and shared in a single solution to align RIF decision making with business objectives for fast, effective implementation.

Open Communication

Utilize cascading permissions within a single source of real-time data to facilitate secure communication across the business and establish new relationships.

“96% of executives are planning structural changes this year. The 2nd most commonly planned change is eliminating certain roles/ functions and departments for reasons such as greater efficiency, reduced costs and increased agility.”

- Mercer, Global Talent Trends 2018 study, Unlocking Growth in the Human Age

Traditional methods of managing RIF activity, like using excel, are increasingly recognised as inefficient, time consuming and insufficient to deal with the process. Nakisa Hanelly helps HR and business leaders successfully plan for, and implement RIF activity by providing solutions to the challenges faced with advanced technology.

Nakisa Hanelly allows you to model, test and share scenarios with all key stakeholders directly in the application for fast and strategic decision making, as well as use functions like dotted lines and drag and drop to streamline all major transformation activity. With Hanelly you have the tools needed for organizational, and financial success.

You can start using your Hanelly org chart today from as little as $500 per month.

Upskilling the Workforce for the Future of Work.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing (how machines interpret human language) continue to get smarter and offer greater possibilities. Discover the tech to upskill your workforce.



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