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Organizational Design: a complex process simplified

While most companies recognize the need to develop ways of designing and managing their organizations, the processes by which they are doing so are flawed. The methods traditionally offered and followed are resource intensive and require continuous rework in order to make headway. Here’s a look at why.


According to a recent Deloitte study, 92 percent of companies believe that redesigning the organization is a top priority, making it No. 1 in ranked importance among this year’s respondents. What is driving this statistic? There are a couple of key reasons. First, the pressure to get products to market quickly, combined with a greater sense of empowerment among the workforce is causing companies to accelerate change. In addition, the ability to communicate seamlessly across a number of mediums helps teams stay aligned. Today, teams can easily use web or mobile apps to share goals, keep up to date on customer interactions, communicate product quality or brand issues, and build a common culture. Over 80 percent of respondents to Deloitte’s global survey report that they are either currently restructuring their organization or have recently completed the process. Only 7 percent say they have no plans to restructure.

What stands clear is that heavy and complex manual processes plague the ability to model and implement a new organization design quickly. This in turn limits the agility of an organization to adjust its business in response to changes in its operations or strategic direction. Ultimately the impact is more profound as the manual processes not only costs the business in delayed opportunities but erodes employee engagement. To add to this disruption, leaders’ focus shifts away from meeting business goals and towards the redesign itself (which can take 100s to 1000s of man hours)

Process simplified with technology solutions

Recent advances in technology are contributing to the development of new solutions to help automate and simplify the processes surrounding organizational design. Organizations that have a clear and integrated talent strategy are nine times more likely to be at the highest level of talent management maturity, and more than twice as likely to be highly effective at coaching and developing people for better performance, identifying and developing leaders. This successful talent methodology correlates directly with an engaged workforce and achieving business results.

Solutions such as NAKISA’s HANELLY™ simplify the organizational design process so aggressively it enables you to shift and change at the speed of communication. Using HANELLY™, businesses can quickly achieve their organizational goals, increase productivity, and have more time to respond immediately to customer demands. Unlike other solutions, HANELLY™ provides a fully integrated organizational transformation solutions suite that streamlines organizational transformation processes and aligns workforce with the business strategy. It gives you the capability to design teams to meet a specific need or do a complete reorganization of your company. HANELLY™ allows you to  integrate your mergers and/or acquisitions, effectively, efficiently, and in a quarter of the time you are doing it today. Unlike current manual processes, it fully leverages your current HCM core solution data providing a baseline you can trust and insights you never had access to before. In addition, it is secure and allows for multiple stakeholder involvement and a streamlined approval path.

HANELLY™ has the power to enable you to focus on what matters: Employee Experience

Organizations today need to change how they view the talent experience. It needs to be a networked, customizable system with individuals—and their relationships with the organization - at its center. HR professionals can leverage HANELLY™ to bring this type (or any other) of organizational strategy to life. They can look at organizing teams to meet their business strategy (whether that is around mission, product, market, or integrated customer needs) rather than business function. Finally, they can also focus on the change management that is needed to ensure a strong employee engagement to drive productivity.

In brief, HANELLY™ empowers HR to help drive business results instead of managing administrative tasks.

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