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The Power of Accurate HR Data: Introducing Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality

Do you know how to leverage your HR data to make smarter business decisions?

Access to reliable human resources data is critical for business leaders to make informed decisions about their company. From organizational transformations, mergers and acquisitions, to diversity and inclusion initiatives, HR data provides business leaders with real time, accurate information about their workforce, empowering them with the insights they need to drive their business forward.

Why HR Data Quality Is Essential

For data-driven reporting to be useful, the data it presents must be complete, reliable, and relevant. The insight provided by an organization’s HR analytics is only as good as the data itself.

Without accurate, up-to-date information, incremental issues can arise unnoticed. Yet many companies only realize that they have HR data quality issues when confronted by business and HR users. Such oversights, often stemming from poor data maintenance, can, over time, lead to the accrual of erroneous information. This can seriously affect leaders’ abilities to make strategic decisions for their organizations and, ultimately, impact their bottom line.

Recognizing the importance of accurate data, and the repercussions faced by our customers when data quality becomes an issue, Nakisa has developed our new HR Data Quality solution.

Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality

Powered by our Nakisa Hanelly Insights engine, Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality provides an indication of an organization’s HR data integrity and consistency. Using a centralized, visual interface to identify inconsistencies in data maintenance, users can focus in on trouble areas, company codes, divisions, by region, overall severity of the problem, or even view the scope of the problem over time.

Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality provides:

  1. Automated rule-based error detection
  2. Dashboard summaries, tabulation of all data issues, data quality metrics, and trend graphics
  3. Company-specific prioritization levels and recommended actions to resolve inconsistencies/improve quality
  4. Control for error resolution and processing times

HR Data Quality acts as the cornerstone tool that provides organizations with the confidence to rely on their data to fuel data-driven business decisions.

Nakisa Hanelly Insights: The Engine

Built on next generation engine analytics, Nakisa Hanelly Insights is the next leap forward in Nakisa technology. Nakisa Hanelly Insights for HR Data Quality leverages a powerful custom-built, cloud-based ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool able to enforce data quality and consistency standards on the data itself, allowing the solution to make sense of the information and provide actionable insights. Using this technology as the base for our new suite of products, Nakisa Hanelly Insights capitalizes on machine learning technology, providing constant development, including development into such areas as predictive analysis and forecasting.

Learn more about how Nakisa Hanelly HR Data Quality can ensure consistently clean, error-free data for your business here.

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