HR Suite

Untangle the complexities of organizational change

The AI-driven organizational design and analytics suite that lets you handle change like routine work
hr suite

Everyday organizational design doesn’t have to be as complex as your organization

Three core pillars to building a responsive and resilient organization
HR suite insight

Organization visualization

Deepen your understanding of your organization with workforce analytics, deep-dive visualization and org charts, and reporting capabilities

Predictive HR analytics

Leverage machine learning in HR to automate problem detection and root cause analysis. Predict the outcome and impact of organizational changes to stay proactive and responsive in face of change
Predictions turnover
predictions AI
org design

Organizational design

Modernize the way you do organizational design and build the future state of your organization by embracing change as a way of life with continuous AI-driven organizational design

The only AI-driven organizational design and analytics software that can support the complexities of large enterprises

Nakisa’s organizational design journey to align structure,
people and process no matter how fast you need to change

Predictions turnover
HR suite

Trusted by enterprise leaders

Nakisa is a cloud-based business operations platform that empowers global enterprises to adapt quickly to continuous change

The right organizational design software for you

How to make sure you ask all the right questions and select the best organizational design software for your enterprise organization? Read our buyers guide to learn more

HR, finance and executives
work better together

The Nakisa HR Suite bridges the gaps between the key stakeholders involved in your redesign journeys to lead change aligned with everyone

Business team successfully build a well-designed organization that scales, better adapts to change, while retaining talent and hiring more effectively

HR leaders can build responsive organizations, and confidently contribute to the long-term, strategic business goals with the right insights

Finance teams have visibility into forecasted HR budgets through predictive reporting
and analytics


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